Caring for Your Tuccia's

Exquisite tanned leather boasts captivating variations in both color and texture, which contribute to its unique charm. Over time, this leather will develop a distinctive patina and may even darken when exposed to direct sunlight, further enhancing the inherent beauty of your Tuccia di Capri sandals or small leather items.

To ensure the lasting quality of your leather products, we offer the following general guidelines for their care:

• Shield your leather goods from excessive humidity and direct heat sources, such as radiators.

• Safeguard your leather items against rain and moisture.

• Store your belongings in the provided Tuccia di Capri dust bag, ensuring proper ventilation for your shoes before storage.

• Avoid contact with rough and abrasive surfaces.

• Refrain from exposing your leather to alcohol (e.g., perfume) and oily substances (e.g., makeup, body lotions). To clean your leather items, gently wipe them with a clean, soft, dry cloth.

• Be sure to safeguard all vachetta and suede leather by applying a waterproof spray. As a precaution, perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area first. If successful, evenly apply the spray to your suede shoes or other suede items, allowing them to dry completely.

• In the event of water contact, avoid rubbing the leather. Instead, use a clear, dry cloth and gently tap to absorb the moisture. If stains appear, lightly dab the affected area with a damp, soft cloth and allow it to air dry. Finish by applying a clear leather cream using gentle circular motions.